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Nari Jagran Manch / Dalit Women Power gladly accepts donations. In Western societies with their material wealth there is a growing awareness of the injustice of people living in great abundance and people having literally nothing. Contributions to DWP go where help it is most needed and no money is lost to burocracy and corruption. Sister Mary, DWP's Indian founder, a member of an order of Catholic sisters, follows the principles of Gandhi; she ensures that the money is used with responsibility and care.

Currently, donations to DWP are not tax deductible in the US.

if you want your donations to go to a particular project, please note that on your check.

Dalit Women Power DWP Schweiz ist ein gemeinnuetzliger Verein
Deutscher Spendenbrief (pdf file)
Mikrokreditbericht (Januar 2005) (in German, pdf)
Statuten des Vereins Dalit Women Power DWP Schweiz (pdf)

Donations from Europe:
Banca Raiffeisen
CH-6673 Maggia

Dalit Women Power DWP Schweiz Nr. 8442.73

You can send small donations (up to 50 EUR) as cash by mail to:

Enid Kollmuss
Im Holzerhurd 32
CH 8046 Zürich

For information please e-mail:

Children in one of the tribal villages



Donations from the US:
Please make checks out to 'Anja Kollmuss' and note 'Sr. Mary' or 'Dalit Women Power'

Send them to:

Anja Kollmuss
42 Calvin Street 3R
Somerville, MA 02143


For information please e-mail:


    Children and women listening to a presentation

Address in Bodh Gaya:
Nari Jagran Manch/Dalit Women Power DWP
Sr. Mary Lobo
Japan Temple Road
Bodh Gaya 824231, Bihar


    Tribal women listening to a presentation on women's rights

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